Toni, I Love You.

This was a very challenging post for me to share, but I think that it was necessary. It’s always hard to share about our struggles, but maybe if more of us do others won’t feel so alone. We can’t raise confident, healthy children until we are are healthy and confident ourselves. Our parents had to sit and quietly struggle with mental health issues while trying to raise us for fear of shame and it has had obvious negative effects. Don’t be afraid to share your struggles and also don’t be afraid to lend a listening ear.

Pushy Vegans

So my husband and I did something that we both though we would NEVER do...we switched to a plant based diet. I know, "OMG, you're one of those annoying vegans now?" No, I've always been annoying I just have way more energy now. I really thought hard about holding off on this post for that reason, I know just mentioning the word vegan can be off putting. Then I started thinking about how great I feel and how I want others to feel this great all the time too! Then I said what the heck, maybe one of my 6 subscribers will benefit. No, I am not on a mission to save the animals, though they are adorable, I am much more selfish than that. My purpose is for my family and I to live the longest, happiest, and healthiest lives that we possibly can so that we may drive each other insane for a really long time to come.