Pushy Vegans

So my husband and I did something that we both though we would NEVER do…we switched to a plant based diet. I know, “OMG, you’re one of those annoying vegans now?” No, I’ve always been annoying I just have way more energy now. I really thought hard about holding off on this post for that reason, I know just mentioning the word vegan can be off putting. Then I started thinking about how great I feel and how I want others to feel this great all the time too! Then I said what the heck, maybe one of my 6 subscribers will benefit. No, I am not on a mission to save the animals, though they are adorable, I am much more selfish than that. My purpose is for my family and I to live the longest, happiest, and healthiest lives that we possibly can so that we may drive each other insane for a really long time to come. 

This whole thing started with a book. My husband came home and told me about a book that he had heard of called How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger. I felt like I had been doing a pretty good job of not dying so far, but who am I to turn down new survival skills so I figured I would listen. We immediately dove in and could not absorb the information quickly enough so we decided to just give it a shot. We started right away, I downloaded the Daily Dozen app, looked up recipes, went shopping and never looked back. Did we 100% cut out all meat and dairy? No, that is not realistic. We started slowly, not giving our selves a hard time about choosing to eat animal products and it has really worked. I feel absolutely amazing and I have no other explanation than my diet. 

I think the first major change that I noticed was my energy level. We have a 5 month old so sleep is not a luxury that we are always afforded and it really starts to catch up with you after a while. I was so exhausted that it was effecting my memory and what I considered normal brain function. Combine that with my natural born ability to embarrass myself in any situation and you have a recipe for a lot of frustration…and laughs for everyone else. This really started to worry me when I couldn’t recall important details or even the words that were about to come out of my mouth. It was to the point that I started googling early onset dementia because I felt so lost in my own brain at times. I knew that as a new mom it can be easy to get overwhelmed, feel underappreciated, and just plain burnt out, but this was like nothing I had experienced. Within days of going plant based I began to think clearly again. It was like the fog finally lifted off of my brain after a really really long nap. I finally wake up feeling refreshed and not like I need to hit snooze thirteen times (that’s my record). I can not even begin to tell you how this has helped my mental health and my relationships. My husband and I don’t have those pointless little spats over insignificant things anymore. Suddenly the little things just don’t seem to bother me and it feels amazing. All this from not eating animal products? What have I been putting in my body all of these years? 

The next thing that I noticed was not a change in me, but a change in everyone else. You know how they say that vegans only want to talk about being vegan? Well, no one really asks us about anything else. I am not speaking of my close friends, those relationships hopefully will never change, I am speaking more about acquaintances and co-workers. It’s kind of like they forgot every single other thing about me except that I don’t eat meat. The topic could be scented crayons and I can almost guarantee that someone will ask if vegans can use scented crayons.  There is this huge stigma that comes with choosing to not eat meat, you’re like the only guy at the party that isn’t drinking. Maybe it’s one of those strength in numbers kind of deals where everyone is doing it so it’s gotta be right, right? I think it actually hit me a few days ago just how much people hate vegans. I began reading comments on a Facebook post about KFC serving a vegan burger and people were losing their minds. I felt like I had walked into a virtual civil war between the meat eaters and vegans, but instead of weapons everyone had a keyboard and they were set to rapid fire. You would have thought that they were only serving vegan burgers from here on out and making it illegal to ever eat meat again with all the rage that it caused for some people. Trust me, we don’t want it. It is, however, nice to have an option when you’re in a pinch. I have never really understood why people get so angry about things that have zero effect on their lives, but that’s a whole other discussion. 

To wrap this up, here is my take on the annoying vegan deal. Do you know that feeling when you’re really excited about something like say maybe a new song that you’ve had on repeat for the past week? It just puts you in a good mood, you know every word, and you play it for your friend and you’re waiting for them to love it too and they say “ehh…it’s okay”. WHAT…just okay? It’s like the best song ever, how could you with your own tastes and preferences ever dare not love this song? Well, same. Our lives have changed completely by simply changing what we choose to put in to our bodies. We feel amazing and we want everyone else to feel that way too! It’s not that we want to brag about all of the veggies we are eating, we just want you to feel as energized and young as we do. It is so hard to scroll social media and watch people continuously receive diagnosis after diagnosis and take medication after medication and not comment STOP EATING GARBAGE! Trust me, we want to be 10 times more annoying than we already are, but only because we love you.

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